COVID-19 Hardship Deferred Payment

If you have a hardship due to Covid-19 fill out this form and  return to the Credit Union to skip your  payment(s) for one (1) month.  This agreement extends the repayment period of your loan(s).  The finance charge will continue to accrue on your loan from the time of your last payment.  Loans on payroll deduction will still have the amount of the loan payment deducted from the paychecks but the money will be deposited to shares and may be withdrawn upon request. Please provide a letter from employer stating office closure, layoff or reduced hours or pay stubs showing income prior to being impacted by COVID-19 and pay stubs showing income after being impacted by COVID-19.


Open and fill out the form below and return it to either office!

COVID-19 Hardship Deferred Payment 20-form

Some restrictions may apply. See form for more details