In October 2017, Mastercard is implementing a program called Mastercard Automated Billing Updater.  This program will allow merchants that bill you regularly through your debit card to continue to do so even if there is an expiration date change, the card was lost/stolen, or other changes that might not get updated right away with the merchant.

This will only be for merchants or businesses that charge you on a monthly basis for several months in a row. This can reduce missed payments, cancelled subscriptions, and the like due to declined cards because of invalid expiration dates and other changes.

 If you wish to Opt-Out of the Automated Billing Updater please open, print, fill out, and send back the form below to H&H Federal Credit Union. If we do not receive this form back from you then it is assumed that you understand you will be included in the program.


H & H MasterCard ABU Opt-Out-Form