Outgoing Wires

Wires can be sent to almost any domestic or foreign financial institution. Wires are typically processed the same or next business day as received. Fees do apply.

Incoming Wires

The following wiring instructions provided below is for domestic or international wires.

  • Contact an outside institution to initiate a wire transfer to your H & H FCU account.

  • Provide the wiring instructions below:

Receiver Name and ABA:



PLANO, TX 75024

ABA 311990511

Beneficiary Financial Institution Name:

H&H Federal Credit Union

102 N Main St.

Stinnett, TX 79083

Account # 311-389-151

Final Beneficiary: (Our member receiving the wire):

Beneficiary Account Number

Beneficiary Name

Beneficiary Address

How long will it take?

Incoming wires are processed as they are received. Wires typically settle on the same or next business day that they are initiated, depending on the originating institution.

How much will it cost?

H & H FCU does not charge a fee to receive wires. Your outside institution typically charges a fee to send wires.