The Staff


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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors: These officers are elected by the Credit Union membership and serve voluntarily and without compensation.  Their responsibility is to see that the Credit Union is operated in accordance with the rules and regulations and bylaws of the National Credit Union Administration.  They establish policy and make certain that the Credit Union operates in the best interest of its members, who are its owners.   Current Board of Directors include:           

Mark Snider, President

Kent Hargis, Vice-President

George Hanna, Secretary

Alexis Beck

Mary Jane Henson

Bill Wiggins

The Supervisory Committee:  These committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve voluntarily and without compensation.  The responsibility of this committee is to see that the records of the Credit Union are audited to assure the members that the Credit Union is being operated in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern Credit Unions and with the policies of the Board of Directors.  This committee contracts with an outside auditing firm to send a team (un-announced) at least once a year to audit the Credit Union records.   Current Supervisory Committee members include:

Suzanne Duvall, Chairperson

Janet Throckmorton

Terry Maxwell

Government Examiners: These are examiners from the National Credit Union Administration that conduct (un-announced) periodic examinations, at least yearly, of all facets of the Credit Union operations and give a report of their findings to the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee.